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We store all our wines to London City Bond’s specialist fine wine site in Dinton Woods, Salisbury.

LCB Dinton Woods

The site consists of 15 vaults, excavated 70 years ago, all perfectly designed to be vibration and UV light free and benefit from the ideal conditions of correct humidity and temperature for wine maturation. The British Government originally developed the site for security purposes precisely for its remote, heavily wooded and well protected location. Each bunker has massive reinforced concrete walls and is surrounded with a 3 metre high perimeter fence, coupled with CCTV and manned guards.

We are excited to be able to take on one of these bunkers, giving us full control over our stock and client reserves. Whilst other sites, like LCB Tilbury, LCB Barking, LCB Vinotheque, Octavian, EHD or Locke King Vaults may offer good storage conditions, client stock is spread amongst their many chambers rather than in one dedicated location.

The annual charge is £12.50 per case (12x75 or equivalent) per annum. Should you wish to store your wine collection at our Dinton Woods facility please get in touch with the number of cases you have, we would be happy to provide a quote.